Heart of GoldHeart of Gold

When Thomas Lancaster finds himself the guardian of his young nephew, he enlists the help of the boy’s teacher to help the boy accept his parents’ death and his uncle’s new role. Thomas finds much more than he bargains for in the resident schoolmistress, however. Can he find a way to break through her proper ladylike facade and get to the fiery woman he sees underneath, or will he have to sacrifice what he wants in order for her to truly be happy?

Alice Crenshaw loves her position as Shasta’s schoolteacher. Even though some of the rules are a bit rigid for her tastes, she’s never considered breaking the ones against courting and marriage–until one of her students gets a new guardian, that is. When she finds herself in close contact with a man who sets her heart to racing, she is forced to confront demons from her past and the possibility of losing her livelihood and the students she loves so much.


Heart of Gold was just released and is now available on Amazon: Heart of Gold (A Gold Rush Romance)